White Rose Bakes are an independent Bakery based in Yorkshire producing all kinds of amazing items and have utilised the Irinox MultiFresh to increase production times and make the whole operation more efficient.

The Irinox MultiFresh is being used for a multitude of tasks but where the biggest impact has been seen is in production of the Millionaires Shortbread. In the past waiting times for the Caramel to cool before being able to put the final chocolate layer on was a matter of hours as the items air cooled meaning the overall process lasted a day or more. Now by using the Irinox Multifresh this same task can be completed in a matter of minutes. Further more due to the programmable nature of the Irinox unit it can be set to be less aggressive meaning it never has a detrimental impact on the product itself ensuring perfect presentation and results for every batch.

In addition to this Alice who runs the business has used the low temperature heating function to make Meringues and the results were amazing. By being able to utilise the Irinox Multifresh for this function it meant she could still use her ovens at the same time for other tasks increasing overall productivity and saving time. This shows the full range of capabilities of the MultiFresh unit that one minute it can be rapidly cooling a product and the next using positive temperatures to cook items.

The truly MultiFunction nature of the Irinox Multifresh means not only does it deal with all Blast freezing and chilling needs but can take on a multitude of other tasks such as Chill, Freeze, Hold, Pasteurise, Prove, Thaw, Cook, Defrost and much much more while being fully programmable meaning you can tweak it to your specific needs making this unit ideal for all sectors – Gastronomy, Patisserie, Chocolate, Bakery & Gelato.

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