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It is the innovative range of Steno mixers equipped with a patented system that enables the machine to mix dough with hydration of more that 100% and gives exceptional results for leavened dough.

Key Evolution Mixer Benefits

A simple and very innovative idea

Evolution Kit include a flat-bottomed removable bowl with a cone-shaped protrusion, a second tool holder shaft in addition to the one already present on the planetary mixer and a special kneading tool.

Well leavened, fragrant and longer-lasting products

The tool pushes the dough that, obstructed by the cone-shaped protrusion, moves from the bottom to the top and breaks it apart to obtain perfect oxygenation without undue stress.

Evolution Kit is:

Quick dough without overheating
Perfect glutinic net
Excellent for very hydrated dough (till 90% of liquids)
Elevated oxygenation and assimilation of fats
Perfectly cleaned bowl at the end of the working

Technical Data

Model EPM5B EPM10B EPM10C EPM25 EM25 EM60
Width (cm) 44 52 52 68 60 70
Depth (cm) 50 52 52 73 60 102
Height (cm) 65 85 125 132 142 128
Weight (kg) 39 72 99 171 142 433
Bowl Capacity (Lt) 10 15 15 44 40 94
Dough capacity (kg) 5 10 10 25 25 60
Bowl Dimensions (cm) 26x21h 32x21h 32x21h 40x36h 40x36h 54x42h
Power (kw) 0.55 0.83 0.83 1.65 1.5 6


EM 5,10 & 25
Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

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