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Somengil presents you “Multiwasher”: the washing equipment to solve your washing and disinfection problems.  Multiwasher washes without pre washing and leaves the utensils, trolleys and trays completely dry and ready to use.  With an innovative washing and disinfection technology, the results are ensured by an effective management of the washing variables: water, detergent, pressure and time.  The results are high standards of hygiene and disinfection, reaching hospital level. All of this without pre-wash.  This equipment offers savings on washing resources, namely: energy, water, detergent, and labor.

Multiwasher also enhances flexibility of use, since washes a vast majority of utensils used in bakeries and pastries. It washes shapes, trays, trolleys and bowls, in addition to all bakery and pastry utensils.  It uses a closed environment (cabinet-wash) enabling a completely controlled washing process.  Inside the closed environment, Multiwasher has technical options completely differentiated from her competitors, namely, works with much higher water pressures and higher temperatures and reuses most of the water used.

The High-pressure permits avoiding the pre-wash cycle and incomparable cleaning results. The equipment decarbonizes bakery oven trolleys.  The higher temperature reduces the amount of detergent and the operation time.  The reuse of the water reduces water and energy consumption.  This innovative combination is a significant contribution to washing sustainability.  On the side of the results, those technical solutions ensure not only a better disinfection and cleaning utensils, but also a dry and ready to use one  The trolley system designed to the specific needs of the customer generates flexibility for washing and allows the possibility to wash all kind of recipients and utensils.  Achieve washing and disinfection efficiency, save resources, and increase the productivity of your business by adopting Multiwasher technology.

Unlimited efficiency.

MultiWasher is a high performance industrial washing appliance engineered by Somengil. Developed for the most demanding tasks where wash quality and machine performance are critical success factors for your business.

Yes, it cleans.

MultiWasher’s cutting-edge technology has been designed in a wash-cabinet format that optimises space and achieves the best cleaning results

Looks Perfect.

It looks like highly engineered washing equipment, and guess what. MultiWasher is just that. But it is not just a pretty face: it is the ultimate solution to achieve the best washing results. Because perfection is not just appearance, it is also efficiency.

Works Perfectly.

Each detail and element has been designed and engineered to fulfil its purpose. MultiWasher was designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly, whilst delivering the best results. This what we call perfection.

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