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Storage tanks and pre-mixers

Would you like to aerate your ingredients with the Shufflemixer 100, or with a model 250, 500 or 1000? Then you’ll often need to begin by temporarily storing or mixing some in a reservoir, a process known as pre-mixing. Shuffle-Mix provides you with the appropriate tanks and the pre-mixers.

Every production process has its own tank

You know better than anyone that no two production processes are the same. That’s why Shuffle-Mix develops storage tanks to meet your needs. It helps you to be more targeted in your work and improve the quality of your products.

For your convenience, we develop tanks that take no time to connect to your Shufflemixer or one of our extra units. Would you like a separate tank? Or would you prefer a complete installation with a Shufflemixer, and possibly a pre-heating system or cleaning-in-place system (CIP system)? Shuffle-Mix will make sure you have what you need.

Powerful, precise mixing

The Shuffle-Mix pre-mixers stir different ingredients into a homogenous mass. Powerful and accurate, they save you a great deal of labour. We are also happy to install a transport pump on your pre-mixer. This brings your mix through a closed network to your Shufflemixer, or to a different machine or piece of bakery equipment.

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