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Your Injection unit for flavour and colour

You can enrich a great many recipes by adding extra flavours, colour or other ingredients to your base product. Would you like to give your production a boost? Then use the automatic Injection unit from Shuffle-Mix.

We developed our Injection unit in a variety of models, all specialised in adding flavour, fruit and colour. You can easily add gelatine or chocolate, foaming agents or many other ingredients to whipped cream or dough.

Use your Injection unit before, during or after aeration

You can use your Injection unit to add colour, fruits, flavours and new ingredients whenever you would like to:

before you aerate your cream or dough;

while you aerate your base – in the Shufflemixer 100 or the 250, 500 or 1000

after aerating – in a static mixer or blender.

Your Shufflemixer and your bakery filling injector: one machine that does it all

If you connect the Injection unit to your Shufflemixer, you’ll be in charge of an extra-powerful machine.

You control the Injection unit using the Shufflemixer touchscreen. The amounts of chocolate, fruit or colouring injected are saved on your aerator for future production programs.

The result? You save time. And deliver the product your clients are familiar with and are hungry for! Using the bakery filling injector, you produce the same ratios time after time, batch after batch.

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The Injection unit that follows your wishes and recipes

Shuffle-Mix likes to work with you. We are happy to advise you on which is the right Injection unit for you and which pump is most appropriate to your needs. Would you also like to keep chocolate or gelatine at the right temperature while you mix them into your other ingredients? Then we will add a cooling or heating unit to your bakery filling injector.

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