Make the lightest patisserie products, cakes and desserts

Are you a small or industrial bakery? With the Shufflemixer – a continuous aerator – you can make your whipped cream, cake mixes and desserts lighter, airier and faster than ever before.

Shufflemixer 100

Do you work with a traditional mixer in your bakery? Maybe you rely on a planetary mixer? Do they raise the standard of your bakery products to the highest levels possible? Because that is exactly what the Shufflemixer 100 is designed to do. It is no simple, everyday mixer or whipping system. It is a continuous aerator and mixer in one, combining the best of an industrial cream mixer with patented Shuffle-Mix aeration technology.

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Shuffle-Mix CIP System

The Shuffle-Mix CIP system is the solution to clean all your systems. All Shufflemixers, as well as other devices that can be cleaned using CIP, can be cleaned automatically and in a controlled way with this system. After cleaning you receive a full report that meets the strict certification.

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Shuffle-Mix Injection Systems

You can enrich a great many recipes by adding extra flavours, colour or other ingredients to your base product. Would you like to give your production a boost? Then use the automatic Injection unit from Shuffle-Mix.

We developed our Injection unit in a variety of models, all specialised in adding flavour, fruit and colour. You can easily add gelatine or chocolate, foaming agents or many other ingredients to whipped cream or dough.

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Shufflemixer 250 – 1000

Are you responsible for a (semi-)industrial bakery? Then you must be constantly updating and replacing your machines and bakery equipment.

Because you want:

  • To produce more for less, without having to hire new staff.
  • Replace older industrial mixers with modern machinery designed for the bakery, such as task-specific aerators.
  • Stay ahead of the ever-stricter safety and hygiene requirements.

Shuffle-Mix knows the story all too well. It’s why we developed our own industrial mixer and aerator, designed specifically for bakery use: the Shufflemixers 250, 500 and 1000.

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Shuffle-Mix Storage Tanks & Pre Mixers

Would you like to aerate your ingredients with the Shufflemixer 100, or with a model 250, 500 or 1000? Then you’ll often need to begin by temporarily storing or mixing some in a reservoir, a process known as pre-mixing. Shuffle-Mix provides you with the appropriate tanks and the pre-mixers.

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Shuffle-Mix Heating & Cooling Systems

Cooling or heating system for your bakery machines. What is the best way to keep your dough or cream fresh during the production of patisserie products and desserts? Try fitting your bakery machines with a Heating or Cooling system from Shuffle-Mix.

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