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Joni MaxiMix Auto Chef 86 Cooking Kettle

Model Number: MMXAUTOCHEF86
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Are you running a high intensity operation with a low tolerance for mistakes?

If you need smart, reliable and efficient cooking kettles that give you a competitive edge, then you need the Joni MaxiMix Autochef 86.

The MaxiMix Autochef 86 is a high end Kettle (boiling pan) for big volume production with an integrated stirrer and multifunctional control.

With over 30 years of experience helping businesses build high performance kitchens, we consistently help customers get the most out their machinery. If you need advice, get in touch.

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The Joni MaxiMix Autochef 86 is a market leading Kettle designed for the rigours of extra high volume cooking and preparation. Available in a variety of volumes to suit the operation these units are built to the very highest specification.

It outperforms the competition in 3 main categories:

  1. Advanced Technology and Automation
  2. Wastage Minimisation.
  3. Energy Conservation.

Advanced Technology and Automation
Joni continues to invest in R&D, to bring more advanced technology and tooling to your fingertips;

  • Comes with 12.1″ heavy duty touch screen designed for production environments.
  • Large size of the display makes it easy to see and operate.
  • Touch screen responds to pressure, so will not be sensitive to dirt or dirty fingers
  • Includes in-built Recipes to control kettle and guide user – getting consistent results with ease.
  • Exclusive access to the Joni Online Portal – Connect to see an overview of the kettle and its operational data.
  • Easydos system – automatic dosing of the desired quantity of liquid.
  • Tempguard – Set the minimum temperature of your contents. Cold water can
    be added automatically in smaller quantities keeping it above its critical point
    without the interaction of the user
  • Quicksets – programme multiple steps into the press of one button
  • GN Support – shelf to hold GN containers under the spout
  • High speed stirring or slow speed stirring – 5-20rpm
  • High speed stirring ideal for whipping
  • Easy dosing of water into the kettle via integrated water meter that operates automatically
  • Litre markings within the kettle itself
  • Heavy duty hinged lid in stainless steel with inspection hatch for adding ingredients
  • Can be provided with whipping tools, cleaning tools, pedal operation, spray gun, sieve plate, pouring plate, measuring rod and much much more

Conserves Energy

  • Batch logs – automatic reporting of cooking process and energy consumption.
  • Instant Energy Analytics – shows hour by hour the energy usage and any wastage
  • Integrated stirrer enables the lid to be kept closed and keep heat and steam inside
  • Lightweight integrated stirrer saves both time and energy with its automatic operation
  • EcoAssistant – helps the user avoid unnecessary energy consumption
  • Fast heating and energy efficient – highly insulated to prevent heat loss
  • Unheated top – the upper rim is unheated and insulated reducing heat radiation and saves energy plus safer to operate and does not burn food when emptying.

Minimises Wastage

  • Scrapers on the stirrer reduce the risk of food burning or sticking.
  • No joints in the food area for 100% hygiene
  • Gentle Stirring – slow mixing protects the food. Can be as low as 5 rpm and ideal for when food is in for a long time and could break up.
  • Adjustable tilting speed for the perfect result and precise emptying.
  • Content Display – automatic display showing the maximum content in the kettle makes it easy to see how much is left at all times

Additional information

Temperature Range

Up to 120 C


Available in 400 and 500 L

Power Type


External Finish

Stainless Steel


12 Months Parts & Labour

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