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Irinox Easy Fresh Next EF Next L Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer

Model Number: EF NEXT L
Lead Time:

Simplicity, high performance and design excellence. The Irinox Easy Fresh Next range offers an easy to use device that is intuitive, easy to use and quick to program. The Irinox Easy Fresh Next speeds up the chilling process leading to increased productivity in the kitchen and offers all the features of a market leader in terms of performance and quality of results.

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The Irinox rapid blast chiller cools quickly to +3°C and deep freezes food at -18°C at the core, even hot dishes just removed from the oven are not an issue. The operating principle of a blast chiller is to extract the heat
from the food in the shortest possible time. EF Next guarantees
ultra-rapid cooling and freezing and preserves the fragrance,
consistency, colours and all food nutritional properties ensuring its quality.

  • The Irinox EF Next’s Cooling cycles lower foods core temperature regardless of start temperature, even straight from the oven ensuring safety and compliance
  • The EF Next has two cycles dedicated to cooling, The first is DELICATE suitable for delicate foods such as mousses, creams and fish and the second is STRONG
    which is ideal for dense, stronger products such as meats, soups and sauces. Both cooling cycles bring the product down to 3C
  • The EF Next has two freezing cycles. The first is DELICATE and is suitable for delicate products such as bakery items and bread and the second is STRONG
    which is ideal for quickly freezing medium large products and is also ideal for fixing the structure of ice cream. Both bring the product down to -18C in the core
  • The freezing cycles of the Irinox EF Next transform the water contained in the food into microcrystals which preserves the structure and the quality for a
    longer period
  • Cycles can be set by a timer or be automatic through the use of the food probe which monitors the core temeprature of the item being chilled
  • Left hand hinged door as standard with slow closing and magnetic sealing
  • The Irinox designed Condenser has Climate Class 4 performance
  • The Irinox Evaporator is protected from any corrosive foodstuffs such as fish oils through the use of a cataphoresis treatment
  • High speed fan as standard
  • Manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel both internally and externally
  • R452A refrigerant gas
  • 4 adjustable feet H 80 – 115 mm
  • Maximum cleanliness and hygiene thanks to the rounded corners and components in the chamber
  • USB port data transfer to download and save HACCP data

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
External Dimensions

790w x 1015d x 1965h

Internal Dimensions

650w x 420d x 1170h

Power Rating

400C-3N 50Hz

Temperature Range

3C to -18C


50kg Chilled, 45kg Frozen

Number of Shelves

Up to 27 x GN 1/1



Power Type


External Finish

Stainless Steel

Refrigerant Gas



2 years parts and labour

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