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Beldos Mini-Fill Electric 260W Injecting & Filling Machine

Model Number: MINIFILL260W

The Beldos Mini Fill is a compact counter top affordable machine for precise portion control, injection, layering and decoration

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The Beldos Mini Fill Injecting Machine is a compact and affordable solution
for sites that need a solution for precise portion control, injection, layering
and decoration.

  • Compact counter top machine
  • Suitable for depositing, injection, layering and decoration
  • Easy to use colour touch screen
  • Touch screen operates single/automatic or continous mode as well as
    volume, speed, waiting time between deposits, number of automatic deposits
    and reverse mode
  • Quick interchangeable all in one hoppers
  • Can store up to 100 products in the menu
  • Suitable for depositing of cake batter, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit filling, cream,
    mousse, meringue, ice cream, yoghurt, soup, sauce, mashed potatoes, minced meat,
    salad and much much more
  • Suitable for injection of eclairs, berliners, croissants, donuts and much much more
  • Suitable for layering of custard, fruit fillings, mousse, sauces and much much more
  • Option of cooling jacket or heating jacket on hopper
  • Can be supplied with single or double outlet
  • Spout Options – 90 degree, electric handgun, injection, plain, cream cover head,
    layering, multi spout, injection for donuts and injection for croissants
  • Can be operated by hand switch, handgun or foot pedal
  • Suitable for soft to semi heavy viscosities
  • Fast accurate, clean and easy dosing
  • Easy cleaning
  • Up to 50 deposits per minute
  • Deposit range 3-5000ml
  • Suitable for soft, heavy and aerated products

Additional Information

External Dimensions

477w x 296d x 723h

Power Rating

220V Single Phase

Power Type



12 months parts and labour warranty

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