General Catering Solutions were approached by Matthew Potts of Potts bakers who were looking to replace an old bratt pan system that didn’t give good temperature control and required the use of a paddle for manual stirring so was a drain on labour and didn’t give consistent results. Potts Bakers were also looking to broaden the products being produced but needed to keep consistency of product and ease of use. Following the initial consultation GCS specified 1 x 250 litre Joni Multimix steam jacketed kettle.

This unit not only gave the capacity and speed for increased production but the automatic mixing arm did away with the back breaking demands of mixing product with a manual paddle. In addition the very accurate temperature control offered by the Joni steam jacketed system meant complete control of the product all the way through the process was easy.

The final part of the jigsaw was the addition of the Autochef control panel which makes the unit full touch screen and also fully programmable. This means all recipes could be created at head office level and uploaded to the individual kettle(s) providing in depth step by step instructions for any user. This ensures consistency of method, ease of use and all recipes can also be manipulated subject to your batch size. If required however each kettle can be operated manually with all aspects of control such as temperature and mixing speed easy to access and easy to control. This combination of elements gave the client exactly what they needed and allows the organisation to continue to grow and see more of the success the company has seen in recent years.

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