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Mam 1 Door Rotating Dome Pizza Oven With Easy Control

The 1 door Milano rotating oven with easy control panel mixes the advantages of a rotating oven with an easy-to-use manual control panel. The easy control panel is a manual control panel that controls the rotation of the oven and for gas versions the burner has a modularfire controller. Available in Wood, Combi (Gas and Wood) or Gas versions and available in a pre-painted metal sheet, white base finish. Base dimensions sizes available on these ovens are 95cm, 115cm, 125cm 135cm or 145cm.

Mam have been constructing traditional pizza ovens since 1960 and all models are 100% manufactured in Italy. Offering high insulation, top performance and only using top quality materials the Mam Pizza oven offers a variety of sizes and designs to suit all needs. Offering long lasting life and low power consumption the Mam Pizza Oven is the perfect solution.

Rotating Oven

The rotating oven base offers the combination of ease of use and optimisation of production times. This is the ideal solution for restaurants and production kitchens needing a high production rate of pizzas. Simple to program and adaptable to any need, the oven with a rotating baking surface allows easy maintenance of temperature throughout the cooktop allowing even cooking every time. Thanks to this design it is no longer necessary to turn pizzas over once they have been cooked, all you need to do is simply take them out of the oven as soon as they are ready.

Types Of Cooking Options Available

Wood – the tradition of cooking that never goes away.

Gas – cleaner cooking and easy to use.

Combined – The perfect combination of cooking efficiency of wood ovens and the cleanliness of gas ovens with the convenience of programming temperature and pre-ignition.

1 Door Design

The rotating oven with 1 door design is more compact, but thanks to its careful design it also guarantees a long service life with low running costs.

Easy Control Panel

The easy control panel allows you to reverse the rotation direction and by the means of a potentiometer, to adjust the rotation speed during the firing and cooking phase.

Base Dimensions Available

90cm, 95cm, 115cm, 125cm, 135cm and 145cm dia.

Designs/Finishes Available

This style of Mam Dome Pizza Oven comes in the Milano design.

Finishes available are Standard Base Finish or Mosaic Finish (variety of colours)

Key MAM Benefits

100% Made In Italy

Founded in 1952 Mam have been manufacturing hand made dome pizza ovens for decades. One of the original companies to offer this type of product all ovens are 100% manufactured in Italy with every one being made with passion and a desire for perfection.

Huge Range

The Mam Dome Pizza Oven range comes in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and designs. From solid colours to a mosaic finish in any style you require. No matter the type and style of your organisation there will be a Mam Dome Pizza Oven to suit your needs.

All Cooking Styles Available

Whatever your cooking requirement or preferance the Mam Dome Pizza Oven range can offer it. Be it traditional wood, gas or a combinaton of the two all options are available. You can even now have the traditional dome oven design with an electric power supply.

Service is paramount

From your initial enquiry to lighting the flame and cooking, GCS will support you all along the way.

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