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The history of MAM ovens starts in the 60s from a “challenge” between Cav. Aurelio Malaguti and the owner of the pizzeria “Da Nelson”. The first wood-fired oven for pizza cooking was born because it was made for the pizzeria “Da Nelson” in Modena and replaced only in 2018 after almost 59 years of operation. The project was a success right from the start and was very well received in the catering sector. Over the years, the MAM pizza oven has evolved with the integration of new technologies that have led the company to become a leading manufacturer of wood-fired ovens in Italy and the rest of the world. In the 1980s Aurelio decided to take MAM’s oven technology outside of Italy and created the first pizza oven for the export market. A product of the highest quality, 100% made in Italy, manufactured entirely in Modena, which stands out for its ease of use, its durability and the reduced energy consumption to make it work. Mam manufacture wood, gas or combined ovens that have a very high degree of isolation and soundproofing that guarantees a higher yield during cooking. They are created in different shapes and you can choose whether to receive it pre-assembled or disassembled for assembly on site. A very important aspect of the pizza ovens is the thickness of the cooking surfaces and copulas, which is greater than that of its competitors. This allows you to get the best cooking results from the food you are preparing.