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The Joni Opti and Maxi cooking kettles can be integrated with a cooling system to offer cooking and chilling directly in the kettle.

Two options are available Cooling with water and cooling with a dedicated cooling system.

Easy cooling with tap water – For chilling in the kettle, jacket chilling is available. Water is fed through the steam jacket, where it chills the content of the kettle and afterwards drained via the floor grate. This is a simple way of chilling, but the water consumption is relatively high and the chilling effect depends on the temperature of the water.

Cook-and-Chill by key press – dedicated chilling system combined with the cooking kettle offers recycling of water within the sealed system offering the most efficient in terms of time and energy usage for both cooking and chilling in the same process.

Combi kettles

Cook-and-Chill by key press

Large volumes

Cook-and-Chill for large volumes

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