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MultiFresh® Next is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. Irinox branded products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation.


MultiFresh® Next is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. Irinox branded products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation.

MultiFresh® Next offers a complete range of functionalities to customize your blast chiller. The product can be configured to meet your needs, creating equipment that is tailored to the requirements of your kitchen.

MultiFresh® Next features up to 12 functions and 150 different cycles. Irinox blast chillers can be customised based on your needs to keep products fresher for longer.

From essentials to excellence

Choose between two different configurations:

  • ESSENTIAL: All the essential features for your kitchen. The base model with all of the most important chilling and freezing functions.
  • EXCELLENCE: For users that want all of the traditional functions of a blast chiller combined with new hot and cold functions designed for the most demanding professionals.
Choose the configuration and then you can X the perfect cycles and functions for your processes:
  • GOURMET COOKING: For restaurants and users that employ low-temperature methods for tastier and healthier dishes with more uniform cooking.
  • PASTRY: For pastry chefs that want to simplify their workflows and optimise the quality of their creations.
  • BAKERY:For bakers that refuse to compromise on the tradition behind their recipes but want to improve management of working hours, avoiding night shifts.
  • ICECREAM: For master ice-cream makers, the new Irinox blast chiller plays an essential role in maintaining optimal ice-cream structure and quality.


MultiFresh® Next is the optimal choice for professionals that require high-performance, high-power and high-speed chilling and freezing. New compressors, fans and condensers guarantee improved performance with extremely low noise emissions. At Irinox, we always put performance first.

The new MC3 – MultiCircuit3

The secret of MultiFresh® Next unrivalle  performance is our “MultiCircuit” technology. Depending on the dimensions of the particular model, the refrigerant unit is composed of up to three independent refrigerant circuits. The main benefits of our MC3 technology are increased uniformity of chilling cycles and optimal performance guaranteed even with partial loads.

Want top performance?

Position one tray for each fan, distributing the food throughout the unit. Included on model M and L.

Want maximum savings?

Group foods close to a single fan, getting maximum power out of a single circuit. Included on model M and L.


MultiFresh® Next uses propane, an eco-friendly gas that does not damage the ozone layer, optimising energy efficiency and guaranteeing quicker chilling and freezing cycles. More powerful than ever, with zero environmental impacts.

High power without polluting

MultiFresh® Next features a new refrigerant gas, propane, for reduced environmental impacts and optimised chilling times.


MultiFresh® Next is the first blast chiller with R-290 natural refrigerant (propane gas). R-290 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0.02, a thousand times lower than other refrigerant gases.


In addition to reduced emissions, propane guarantees excellent performance: in fact, our propane blast chiller is up to 30% faster on a freezing cycle, for unbeatable results.


Using propane gas helps the environment and your budget. Power consumption is significantly lower for both chilling and freezing cycles.


The Global Warming Potential expresses the contribution to the greenhouse effect of a gas, using as a parameter the CO2 effect, whose reference potential is equal to 1.

Next Level Technology & Design

Irinox brings fresh quality to the core of your kitchen, without forgetting the key objective to provide equipment that makes every professional’s job easier.

Simplifying workflows means more time for you and your passion. On MultiFresh® Next blast chiller every detail has been redesigned for more intuitive day-to-day use, programming tasks and controlling them remotely.

Unmistakable design for complete efficiency

Unmistakable design for complete efficiency.

The grid is located at the bottomof the blast chiller to facilitate the airflow: the new design improves recirculation by increasing capacity, ensuring optimised performance. The tilt opening simplifies access to the filter for cleaning.

Sanigen® releases active ions that act on the microbial load present in the air and on all surfaces, including foodstuffs. This reduces contamination and bacterial load in the air by up to 99%, also in inaccessible areas such as the evaporator.

The distance between trays can be adjusted via the MultiRack system that allows adjustment of tray holders. This allows use of both pastry and gastronomy trays. MultiRack guarantees perfect distribution of air across all levels.

The full-height door feature bevelled edges and patented concealed hinges with standard opening of 160°. These can be set to 115° to avoid interference with nearby equipment.

The three-point probe features a hexagonal design and even easier positioning: the inside of the door has a large magnetic surface for easy placement. Simplified corrosion IP6 resistant fittings with screw connector.

Technology and intuitive operation in the kitchen

In addition to its great aesthetics, the blue stripe on the upper part of the blast chiller is a solid and secure location for the innovative display with user-configurable dashboard.


Two sizes of backlit display are available: 4.3” and 10”, both with capacitive technology. It is as easy to use as a tablet. The dashboard can be configured so that the cycles you use most frequently are always on hand. Each cycle is easier to find as you can change the name, colour, icon and dimensions on the main view.


This features on all models in the range. The LED bar promptly indicates completion of the various cycles, any alarms and notifications. It is white on the model with 4.3” display and coloured on the model with 10” display. The blast chiller also provides acoustic notifications with variable intensity and fixed tone.

Product Range – MultiFresh Next

Technical Data – MultiFresh Next

Model Next S Next M Next L Next SL Next ML Next LL
Tray Height 65mm
GN1/1 – 600×400 › 4 GN1/1 – 600×400 › 9 GN1/1 – 600×400 > 13 GN2/1 › 4 GN2/1 › 9 GN2/1 > 13
Tray Height 40mm
GN1/1 – 600×400 › 5 GN1/1 – 600×400 › 12 GN1/1 – 600×400 > 18 GN2/1 › 5 GN2/1 › 12 GN2/1 > 18
Tray Height 20mm
GN1/1 – 600×400 › 8 GN1/1 – 600×400 › 18 GN1/1 – 600×400 > 27 GN2/1 › 8 GN2/1 › 18 GN2/1 > 27
Yield Per Cycle
from +90°C to +3°C
25 Kg Stardard/Eco Silent
(+30% TU/TS)
50 Kg Standard/Eco Silent
(+30% TU/TS)
70 Kg Standard/Eco Silent
(+30% TU/TS)
40 Kg 80 Kg 95 Kg
Yield Per Cycle
from +90°C to -18°C
25 Kg Standard/Eco Silent
(+30% TU/TS)
50 Kg (+30% TU/TS) 70 Kg Standard/Eco Silent
(+30% TU/TS)
40 Kg 80 Kg 95 Kg
Width (mm) 790 790 790 870 870 870
Depth (mm) 840 1015 1015 970 1145 1145
Height (mm) 870 1590 1965 870 1590 1965
Weight (kg)
100 Kg Standard
Eco Silent
(105 kg TU/TS)
175 Kg Standard
Eco Silent
(190 kg TU/TS)
205 Kg (240kg TU/TS) 140 Kg 220 Kg 285 Kg
Max absorbed power 0.91 kW Standard
Eco Silent
1.85 kW Standard
Eco Silent
3.07 kW Standard
Eco Silent
1.6 kW 5.37 kW Turbo 8 kW Turbo
Max absorbed current 4.8 A Standard
Eco Silent
9.38 A Standard 13.95 A Standard
Eco Silent
7.7 A 12.68 A Turbo 17.2 A Turbo
Voltage 230V-1N+PE 50Hz  400V-3N +PE 50Hz 400V-3N+PE 50Hz 230V-1N+PE 50Hz 400V-3N+PE 50Hz 400V-3N+PE 50 HZ


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