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Cucimix by Firex is the cooking machine conceived and created entirely in Italy.

Cucimix is the friendly tool of every cook, able to manage each process independently and easily. A great asset in the kitchen which lets you mix your experience and creativity with the requirements of high volumes and a high degree of automation.

The industrial cooker for taste engineers and for a new cooking experience.

Cucimix is a versatile industrial cooker with a hi-tech heart. Made entirely in stainless steel, it is extremely compact even in the largest capacity models. It can also be equipped with various accessories to meet all expectations.

Range CBT 30 – 70 – 90 – 130 – 180 – 310 litres

Versions with pressure lid CBT.A 130 – 180 – 310 litres

No limit to your dishes with the Cucimix industrial cooker

With Cucimix, you can prepare mirepoix, sauces, risottos and jams. With the use of the specific lid, stews and fillings are also pressure cooked. Imagination and creativity find their ideal place in the professional kitchen.

FTC: Firex Touch Control

  • Cooking in “Manual” mode
  • Multilingual setting of messages and different units of measurement (°C/°F; Litres/gallons; etc)
  • Allows you to set extremely precise cooking times and temperatures (range 20°C – 220°C)
  • Possibility to choose between various pre-set cooking methods: boiling in waterpressure cookingbrowning
  • Setting of side wall heating on three levels (“C” versions) available
  • Manages up to 3 different temperature probes: on the bottom to check the heating temperature, in contact with the product for the most delicate cooking processes, on the wall if “wall heating” option is available
  • USB connection
  • Back up HACCP data
  • Back up recipes
  • Software updates
  • Self-Testing
  • Tilting and return control of the cooking pan
  • Setting of mixing programsg, setting of clockwise/anticlockwise rotation speed and adjustment of mixing times and pauses

Gas bratt pan (70 . 310 litres):

Heating is by means of high-performance stainless steel tubular burners. The ignition and monitoring system is electronically controlled by the FTC board.
When the selected temperature is approached, the heating power is adjusted automatically in order to reach the precise set-point and thus avoid energy waste.

Electric bratt pan (30 . 310 litres):

Heating is by means of armoured heating elements in INCOLOY-800 alloy, which completely cover the bottom of the pan ensuring even temperature of the entire surface.
The “C” version includes heating of the side walls.

Steam bratt pan (90 . 310 litres):

Thanks to the special microcell technology applied to the bottom of the pan, and to the use of steam at a pressure of 8 bar, there is an instantaneous reaching of the selected temperature.

Industrial pressure bratt pan: the advantages

With the industrial bratt pan Cucimix you can pressure cook using up to max. 0,45 bar. This allows you to significantly reduce the cooking times (up to 4 times faster) and thus preserving more nutrients in the finished product. Compared to traditional cooking processes, pressure cooking offers several advantages.

Yeld increase: by minimising water loss through evaporation, you can achieve up to +30% yield compared to traditional cooking. In addition, the cooking speed helps to preserve more nutrients and flavours in the finished product, thus increasing the quality of the products.

Annual cost reduction: optimising the cooking times leads to cost reductions thanks to high water and energy savings, as well as plant and maintenance cost cuts. In fact, you can use fewer machines with the same production level.

Safer working environment: a series of electronic and mechanical controls guarantees absolute protection of the operators and the surrounding environment. An automatic system hermetically seals the cooking tank only after detecting the absence of residual air. At the end of the cooking process, Cucimix will restore the ambient pressure through rapid condensation of the steam and, only when the environment is safe, will the FTC board signal the possibility of opening the lid.

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