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Maximum flexibility and multi-task. Various cooking methods in a single equipment.

Betterpan by Firex is the professional bratt pan for the catering industry that offers the possibility of preparing a vast range of recipes using the many cooking modes. Offering the possibility to braise, fry, steam and pressurecook, Betterpan is the appliance every chef can count on. An asset in the kitchen that lets you utilise your experience and creativity to satisfy high volumes. Endless recipes and all the advantages of an efficient, compact and quality product in a single machine.

The professional bratt pan for taste engineers
and a versatile cuisine.

Betterpan is a versatile professional bratt pan with a technological heart. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is extremely compact in every version and can be equipped with some accessories to meet all expectations. Even those of the most demanding chefs.

Betterpan is produced in four different capacities, depending on the amount of food to prepare.
Standard versions: 110 – 145 – 180 – 220 litres
Versions with pressure lid: 110 – 145 – 180 litres

accessibility of the components
a friendly approach

The components of this professional brattpan are positioned in such a way as to be easily reachable and replaceable, the result of a design with attention to the smallest details.

FTC: Firex Touch Control

  • Cooking in “Manual” mode;
  • Multilingual setting of messages;
  • It guarantees to set cooking times and extremely precise temperatures from 50°C to 250°C;
  • Possibility to choose between various preset cooking methods: boil in water, fry in abundant oil, pressure cooking, brown, or work the product using the core/pin probe for specific processes or even for slow/soft cooking;
  • It can have timed and automatic control of the baskets lifting;
  • It offers 3 different temperature probes: in the bottom, in the pan in contact with the product and the core of the product/pin
  • USB connection;
  • Back up HACCP data;
  • Back up recipes;
  • Software updates;
  • Settings of different units of measure;
  • Up to 8 different cooking settings;
  • Self-Testing;
  • Command for tilting and return of the cooking pan.

Gas versions

Heating takes place by means of high-performing stainless steel tubular burners. The ignition and monitoring of the flame is automatic, thout
pilot burner. Heating is controlled by the electronic board with automatic insertion of the minimum at 2°C before the set SETPOINT.

Electrical versions

Heating is controlled by the electronic board with thermocouple system to guarantee precise detection and a high reaction speed of the heating system. It takes place through armoured resistances in INCOLOY-800 alloy.

Pressurized versions

The versions with pressure lid allow quick cooking and are equipped with a double opening and closing manoeuvring system for maximum safety. The third probe (pin) is included in the equipment as well as an automatic condensation discharge.

Rectangular bratt pan – pressure version: the advantages

The rectangular bratt pan Betterpan in versions with the pressure lid allows cooking times reductions up to 70%. With Betterpan you can cook under pressure using up to max 0,45bar.
This means significant advantages in terms of timewater and energy savings, yield increase as well as high levels of hygiene and quality of the finished product.

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