Choc Amor headed up by husband-and-wife team Paul and Jacqui Williams produce some of the most amazing chocolate flavours you have ever experienced in the UK.

From their base in Cedar Farm in Mawdesley their shop offers visitors a completely different buying experience in a friendly and relaxed environment. You can talk directly to Paul or Jacqui about the chocolate and the unique flavours they produce like Orange Jalfrezi or Twisted Latte. Customers are free to browse and take in the array of flavours with packaging that informs people how to eat the chocolate to get the most out of each bite.

This unique and friendly approach saw great success and the operation got busier and busier meaning that’s Paul’s method of creating full trays of flavoured chocolate to be made into smaller cubes and then needing them to cool as quickly as possible put additional strain on the humidity-controlled chocolate fridge they used at the time. At peak production times the technology was struggling to keep up with demand and the speed of the production team and a quicker more efficient solution was required.

General Catering Solutions (GCS) were introduced to Choc Amor by renowned Chocolatier Andrew Thwaite who knew Paul and the challenges he faced and was also aware of the Irinox and its potential to be a perfect solution.

After some initial tests to show how much quicker and easier the cooling of full trays of chocolate would be an order was placed for an Irinox MF Next L which was delivered to site, installed, and set up by the GCS team with removal of the old unit.

Utilising the existing chocolate programs already built in (and when needed the option to edit the program to your specific needs) Choc Amor has seen a huge increase in productivity saving time and labour leading to more products being made in less time.

Speaking to Paul after just a few hours with the new Irinox unit he stated “I am already mightily impressed. It has immediately cut initial manufacturing cooling time from 9 ½ minutes to 4 ½ minutes and then for finished cooling for product to be taken out has been reduced from 1 hour 30 mins to just 20 minutes”

Due to the flexibility of the Irinox unit it can be used for a multitude of blast chilling and freezing tasks and Choc Amor will also be able to take advantage of the chocolate mould cooling settings and the holding functionality of the Irinox MultiFresh Next in the future.

Due to the power and quality of the Irinox unit if you use blast chilling in your business it is guaranteed to give you better results and be more efficient. It can even handle delicate tasks not normally associated with blast chilling such as Patisserie and as seen in this case Chocolate.

MultiFresh® is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market and offers a complete range of functionalities. The product can be configured to meet your needs, creating equipment that is tailored to the requirements of your kitchen.  Featuring 12 functions and 150 different cycles the Irinox blast chillers are capable of chilling, freezing, cold holding, warm holding, thawing, melting chocolate, low-temperature cooking, proofing, pasteurisation and drying.

Andrew continued, “Due to the controlled cooling at an extremely precise temperature, with the MultiFresh® we can cool different types of chocolate products from individual bonbons, to bars and moulded figure and in our experience it is much faster than a normal blast chiller due to there being no moisture.  This is truly a multifunctional piece of kit, you can melt chocolate, warm moulds, hold chocolate but most importantly for me as explained we can cool chocolate extremely effectively too.”

Watch our short video with Andrew testing the Irinox MultiFresh® below:

The Irinox MultiFresh range is made up of a number of sized units to suit all operational needs.  To view the full range and make an enquiry click here.

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