L’Enclume stands as a culinary beacon, renowned for its exceptional dining experience. An esteemed restaurant holding the prestigious honour of being awarded three Michelin stars, a testament to its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence. Led by acclaimed chef Simon Rogan, L’Enclume captivates guests with its innovative approach to cuisine, combining locally sourced ingredients with creative flair.

The Challenge

One of L’Enclume’s trade mark desserts has an element consisting of a caramel & miso ice cream which was originally frozen after being placed in Liquid Nitrogen.  The need for the ice cream to be exceptionally hard when frozen was so that it could be removed from the moulds and sprayed with bronze colouring.  Liquid Nitrogen was used as normal freezing at -18 degrees made the ice cream too pliable to be removed from the moulds causing the round moulded ice cream feature to become misshaped.  In addition they wanted to maintain the integrity of the very creamy velvety texture of the product.

Although the use of Liquid Nitrogen provided in some way the result the team at L’Enclume were looking for it did present a challenge.  The very nature of LN was the need to wear gloves to handle the product at every stage.  In addition the moulds became so hard in the process that it made it nearly impossible to pop out the ice cream, quite often snapping the product.  Other issues that they faced using Liquid Nitrogen included:

Freezer burn is apparent on the product and can lose its gloss finish

Occasional air bubbles in the product would cause it to ‘explode’ in the process of freezing.

Cost, availability & storage of Liquid Nitrogen

Staff training and all the safety requirements.

A challenge to produce enough at one time and then maintain the ‘hard’ ice cream through the process till it could be finished.

The Irinox Solution

Due to the Irinox Blast Chiller/Shock freezer they were able to freeze the product down to -40 degrees and hold at that temperature during the complete process.

The Irinox Multifresh technology creates micro crystals much smaller than a normal freezer but very similar to the Liquid Nitrogen so giving the restaurant the finish they required.

During the process, moulding, freezing, popping out & spraying and holding again they could do this at a temp of -40 degrees that the cabinet was holding, then store at -18 degrees for service, this enables them to run the process all day and they can have the product at different stages at the same time.

Also, a significant decrease in their home-made moulds cracking to saving them time in having to remake them as well.

Zero freezer burn.

Cost to run the Irinox is also massively cheaper.

When not required as a freezer at -40 degrees the unit can also be used as a blast chiller, 2 units in 1.

Production made quicker with less hassle.

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