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Preparing breaded food products by hand is tedious, inconsistent, and costly. By using Bettcher’s diverse line of automated breading equipment, operators can consistently prepare breaded products while minimizing labour and ingredient costs.

Freshly prepared food is making a culinary comeback. Coating freshly prepared food with a liquid batter followed by dry ingredients is replacing many freezer-to-fryer items in the kitchen. By ensuring a consistent uptake of coating by using our automated machines, operators are able to ensure a consistent product is prepared without wasting ingredients or negatively affecting food costs.

The diverse line of Bettcher® breading machines is specifically designed to replace or minimize the messy and laborious tasks associated with hand breading freshly prepared food. The Optimax® BB-1, and the in-line ACS provide a multitude of breading solutions for various kitchen sizes and needs.

Popular food products often breaded using Bettcher equipment include: chicken, onion rings, vegetables, and cheese.

Automatic Coating System (ACS)

Test kitchens, pilot plants, and some kitchen commissaries use our Automatic Coating System (ACS) machine to automate the hand-breading process or mimic the full-scale coating process in plant operation. The ACS is often used to support the new product development process to rapidly test without having to shut down operations for experimentation. With a unique in-line design, the ACS can handle difficult food coating preparations while minimizing the costs and hassles associated with disrupting your full-scale operation.

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Optimax® BB-1

The “back of house” in a kitchen can be cramped. Finding the right automated breading system is paramount to conserving space. Bettcher® has two stacked models in the Optimax® product line that satisfy breading needs in tight spaces. The Optimax BB-1 is the latest in a long line of machines from Bettcher that improves the consistency of the coating process, minimizes ingredient costs, and reduces labor from hand breading.

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