Andrew Thwaite is an acclaimed Chocolatier and International Chocolate consultant having worked with chocolate since 1995.  Based at the York Cookery School, Andrew works with preferred partners to use only the best equipment, ingredients and moulds available.  Andrew kindly put the Irinox MultiFresh® to the test for General Catering Solutions to see how this advanced blast chiller can benefit chocolatiers and the confectionary industry.

On Andrew’s initial findings he commented, “I’m really quite surprised and pleased to see that the Irinox MultiFresh® cools chocolate extremely effectively and very efficiently, but also importantly with the lack of humidity.  When cooling chocolate humidity is one of you enemies and with a traditional blast chiller cooling is normally too aggressive and therefore you will get shock cooling, but with the Irinox MultiFresh® this is avoided which therefore makes it ideal for chocolate.”

MultiFresh® is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market and offers a complete range of functionalities. The product can be configured to meet your needs, creating equipment that is tailored to the requirements of your kitchen.  Featuring 12 functions and 150 different cycles the Irinox blast chillers are capable of chilling, freezing, cold holding, warm holding, thawing, melting chocolate, low-temperature cooking, proofing, pasteurisation and drying.

Andrew continued, “Due to the controlled cooling at an extremely precise temperature, with the MultiFresh® we can cool different types of chocolate products from individual bonbons, to bars and moulded figure and in our experience it is much faster than a normal blast chiller due to there being no moisture.  This is truly a multifunctional piece of kit, you can melt chocolate, warm moulds, hold chocolate but most importantly for me as explained we can cool chocolate extremely effectively too.”

Watch our short video with Andrew testing the Irinox MultiFresh® below:

The Irinox MultiFresh range is made up of a number of sized units to suit all operational needs.  To view the full range and make an enquiry click here.

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