hese are the 5 essential industrial kitchen equipment and how to choose the best one for your business.

1. Commercial ovens

Ovens are one of the most important industrial equipment for any company. On the one hand, industrial ovens reach higher temperatures than their residential counterparts, which gives any team greater creative freedom in the kitchen. They also have greater capacity, serving more people with the same production time.

There are several types of industrial ovens, with different operating methods. These are the most common models in the market:

  • Convection ovens are the most common in industrial kitchens because of its versatility in terms of confection and heating of food. These ovens are usually equipped with other appliances such as plates, grills and deep fryers.
  • Gas convection ovens have a cooking energy efficiency of 30%, compared to electrical convection ovens (20%). These gas equipment also have protective systems, such as flame detectors or temperature controls. They’re as safe as electric convection ovens.
  • Combined convection ovens are faster and maintain high quality standards. These ovens apply heat to the outside and inside of food, ensuring a rich texture and crispy appearance.

Industrial ovens use accessories such as grills, trays or deep fryers. These utensils accumulate fat that, once burned, is difficult to remove with traditional methods. The Multiwasher is a high performance industrial washing machine capable of cleaning and decarbonizing any industrial kitchen equipment. It keeps food safe and prevents the emergence and spread of bacteria.

2. Industrial stoves

Unlike residential stoves, industrial models can accommodate more than one oven and support special accessories such as industrial plates and grilles.

Because of the high temperatures at which industrial stoves operate, it is common for their surfaces to accumulate layers of burned fat under which harmful carbon residues lay. With the Multiwasher, it is possible to remove these chemicals from industrial kitchen equipment. This machine performs a deep cleaning of the surfaces and does not allow for diseases to be transmitted via food.

Multiwasher’s state-of-the-art technology achieves the best results with the lowest maintenance cost and energy expenditure.

3. Commercial refrigerators

One of the primary advantages associated with industrial refrigerators is their ability to save a considerable amount of electricity. In addition, these industrial kitchen equipment have high-quality compressors that more precisely control the temperature of food.

There are several types of industrial refrigerators. To pick one, you must consider the type of kitchen and the specific needs that your establishment has.

  • Reach-In refrigerators are one of the most common types in canteens, restaurants and hotels. They are a wider version of domestic fridges and offer much more cooling power and storage space.
  • Walk-In refrigerators are cooling cabins capable of providing space and spend less energy. This is a common type of fridge for restaurants.
  • Counter refrigerators provide quick access and handling of products while making and assembling food. They are discreet, and usually mounted under the counter, where prepared food is stored.
  • Refrigerated preparation tables allow the worker to find food products and prepare them while they work. These are usually refrigerators intended for quick confections such as sandwiches, salads or pizzas.

Refrigerator shelves and filters should be cleaned regularly to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of bacteria. We designed the Multiwasher to perform this task with efficiency, sustainability and versatility. This industrial washing equipment washes every type of industrial kitchen utensils with 2/3 less water than other machines.

4. Commercial deep fryers

Industrial fryers shorten production time while maintaining the quality, texture and taste of food. These industrial kitchen equipments are healthier than traditional fryers, because they carry less oil. They are also easier to clean and prevent the existence of odors in the kitchen preparation areas.

There are two main types of fryers.

  • Bench fryers feature an optimized design and save space on the service countertops. They are easy to handle and ideal for smaller production spaces.
  • Floor fryers are suited for establishments with high production volumes. They require less maintenance and recovery time between frying cycles.

Because of the high temperatures at which food is cooked and the frequent use of this equipment, operators should wash its surfaces and accessories (grills, tanks and containers) efficiently. The Multiwasher guarantees a perfect wash of any utensil and equipment, with 70% less detergent.

5. Industrial washing machine

The industrial washing machine is another essential equipment for any establishment. Among the various options in the market, the MultiWasher stands out as an example of efficiency, productivity, safety and sustainability. Among the key advantages of this equipment, the following stand out:

  • Reduced time in washing time. The MultiWasher’s standard wash cycles take between one and four minutes, versus an average of 30 minutes in advanced residential models.
  • Increased ergonomics. These machines are easier to use because of their size and capacity. The Multiwasher is designed in a closed cabinet format to optimize the use of space.
  • Save on resources in terms of energy, water and detergent, in each wash. Somengil has created a solution to efficiently and sustainably wash industrial utensils and equipment.

Somengil, the future of industrial kitchen equipment

The quality and performance of industrial kitchen equipment is a priority for us. Multiwasher is a state-of-the-art washing machine, a solution designed to optimize production and achieve the best washing results.